why start this blog?

This blog, for now, is a way for me to move on from my past by talking about it and making what I’ve been through more real. By making it real I believe I can ground my memories in the past so that I can focus on the future of myself and my son.

I still have aspirations and goals. By writing about it, it’ll help me get back there. I want to go back to being a University of Arizona student, online most likely. I want to start living a more green and healthy lifestyle, good habits, good project and a waste-free lifestyle.

The more I write I hope to become more comfortable talking about my past and hopefully I can help somebody anybody that needs it. To know their not alone, to know that what they are feeling is real and it’s okay to choose yourself, your mental health, your emotional health. Just to be able to know what you want in life to be happier to live a fuller life.

This poem is what made me choose to change my life. This made me realize that I loved my son so much more than who was holding us back. This made me realize that I loved myself more than that, it made me remember the goals I used to prioritize and the person I used to be. I want to be a stronger version of that person for my son. He deserves that kind of role model. He deserves the world and I will give it to him. No matter the cost.  To The Man Who Loved Drugs More Than Me , I’ve chosen to love our son and myself more than you ever could.


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